The three best moments from last night’s Skills Competition

In what ended up being one of the most eventful nights in skills competition history. I had plenty of moments to choose from for this list, but I had a definite three moments that made the night what it was.

3. P.K. Subban and Brent Burns in the Breakaway Challenge

The Breakaway challenge is always the segment of the evening where players get to show off their personality. It doesn’t happen often but players do sometimes get an opportunity to show off just how goofy they can be. Let’s take Brent Burns for example, he may not be a superstar in this league, but he is at least aware enough to know when to make fun of himself.

You have to love the enthusiasm and planning that went into this. Burns also had an attempt with his kid too.

Subban on the other hand decided to go a little old school, dressing like the old man of the bunch Jaromir Jagr.

He got everything down perfectly, even the salute! What a fun part of the evening, really a pleasure to watch.

2. Dylan Larkin fastest skater ever

A lot was made before this competition about the possibility of Mike Gartner’s fastest skater record going down in flames. I, myself, wasn’t too sure about it happening as it has stood since the 1996 All Star game. A player like Dylan Larkin though is young and spritely, we had to of known that he was going to have the best chance of the bunch, right?

I love that he stumbles and he still is able to break the record, I wonder how long this record will stand? For now though, Larkin is the fastest man in the NHL, that has to be a good feeling.

1. John Scott standing ovation

We haven’t had a better story this season than John Scott. The story has been filled with intrigue and it has brought a lot of eyes to the game that wouldn’t normally be there. For better or for worse Scott is at the event and he is here to stay. So when he got a standing ovation from the Nashville crowd it must have been tough as a viewer to not get a tear in your eye.

What a moment. This is something Scott will remember for the rest of his life, I think anyone would take and embrace this moment. Good for Scott.

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