Video: Fake snow delays outdoor Avs and Red Wings game

Okay look, not every Winter Classic or Stadium Series game is going to have the postcard backdrop of light snowfall that makes you think of backyard rinks in Canada. So, when the forecast called for upper 50’s in Denver for the Red Wings/Avalanche game at Coors Field, the snow had to be … “created”. And it was created by laying down some light fluffy cotton around the rink.

When the wind picked up in the third period, that cotton went airborne. And the game had to be delayed while the stadium crew picked up the fake snow that littered the ice.

We in America like our atmosphere man-made. It’s how we came up with olestra. And Crystal Pepsi. Don’t fight it. Just enjoy the winter wonderland made from cotton or a cotton blend. At least until somebody comes up with polyester snow for next year.