Video: Shea Weber and Roman Josi go undercover in Nashville

There have been a lot of videos over the past few years where athletes go undercover and interview the unsuspecting public about themselves. This one is a little different because it features the duo of Shea Weber and Roman Josi interviewing fans at the same time.

Weber and Josi adopted new identities (Jeff Biddle and DJ Amadio) and asked fans questions about the Predators and the NHL All-Star Game outside of the Bridgestone Arena.

As with other iterations of this concept, a lot of fans had no idea what Weber and Josi looked like – even when they were standing right in front of them. Outside of these responses, some of the other comments from fans were pretty incredible.

Josi ushering the little boy who said Rick Nash was his favorite player out of the frame with a non-working boom mic was outstanding. You’ve also gotta love the fan who said his favorite player was Pekka Rinne, only to then incorrectly identify him on the enormous banner hanging outside the stadium. He’s the goalie! That’s an easy one.

The footage at the very end indicates some fans may have been in on the act earlier than we’re led to believe (props to the kid for recognizing both players instantly), but this was still an enjoyable bit.

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