Video: T.J. Oshie hits Logan Couture head-first into the boards

We all knew that USA vs. Canada was going to be a rough and tumble affair regardless of the exhibition title. We saw it with the Ryan Kesler hit on Shea Weber and I am sure we will see it again during the actual tournament.

A hit planted on Logan Couture by T.J. Oshie may have been the scariest of the evening as he went head-first into the boards.

The angle presented in the video isn’t the best to use for analyzing, but it’s clear this was one of those hits that can’t be allowed in the game today. Yet it was announced that there was zero supplemental discipline on either side. If the league wants to get serious on preventing concussions, they need to eliminate these types of plays from the game. It has no place and only adds more risk for the players.

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