CapGeek goes offline

It’s extremely sad to report that CapGeek has gone offline. CapGeek released a statement: Effective immediately, Jan. 3, 2015, has permanently ceased operations. This sudden decision is made with a heavy heart and is due to the personal health of founder and director Matthew Wuest. While this decision may raise many questions, it […]

Banner celebrates Capitals’ Winter Classic “Championship”

The Capitals have a habit of celebrating accomplishments no one cares about (see the Southeast division championships). So of course they celebrated their “2015 Winter Classic Championship” by hoisting a banner in their practice facility. This is probably a fan-made banner (we hope so based on the ridiculousness and the “awesome!!!”) but we wouldn’t put […]

How much money do these NHL stars make each second?

The site BlueFireBroadBrand broke down how much top earning athletes make per second. As you might expect, the totals are enough to make your head pop. First, they broke it down based on how much each league earns each second. The NHL checks in last, earning a littler over $100 every second. Keep that figure […]

GIF: Red Wings score identicial goals 11 years apart

This will blow your mind. These two goals from the Red Wings occurred 11 years apart, but are identical even down to the advertising on the boards. The GIF on the left is Pavel Datsyuk scoring on Roberto Luongo 11 years ago. The GIF on the right is Gustav Nyquist scoring the exact same goal […]

The NHL Sad Fan Index – Volume 3

The holidays are a time to be joyful, thankful, etc. But they can also be depressing as hell. Someone once did a study and found that the highest rate of divorces are right after the holidays. Wonder if that person would be willing to study the rate of divorces in Edmonton after an Oilers game […]

The NHL Sad Fan Index – Volume 2

In a recent study offered by The Hockey News, they broke down team fanbases. [ THN ] In their “study” they named the Toronto Maple Leafs the number one fan base. It turns out they are also the saddest. If you missed our first installment of the NHL’s Saddest Fans, here’s what you missed. Now, […]

Video: Here’s what it’s like to break up an NHL fight

Steve Lepore told us changes were coming to NHL’s GameCenter, but we didn’t think they were like this. As the NHL kicked off the season last night, they unleashed the “Ref Cam,” and there is no telling what this is going to lead to. Late in the second period the Flames (surprise) got into it […]

Video: P.K. Subban hosted the French version of “Deal or no Deal.”

You can hate P.K. Subban all you want, but his personality is great for the game. In a great example of that, he hosted some French version of “Deal or No Deal.” To help things out, some other NHL players served as models: We have no clue what is going on here, but it […]

Ottawa Sun drops ball with false reports of Sidney Crosby being arrested

At around 4:00am this morning, the Ottawa Sun sent the Internet into flames with reports of Sidney Crosby being arrested: Here are screen grabs of the story long since removed:   Within an hour, every major hockey outlet in North America was on Defcon 1. Turns out it was a random hoax. How does something like […]

NHL and referees are negotiating a new CBA

Something that slipped under the radar over the summer was that the CBA for NHL officials expired. Now meeting to ensure a new CBA is in place for the start of the new season. The story, via Scouting the Refs seems to paint an optimistic picture. However, as noted in the story, negotiations lasted up until three […]