The 5 best hockey fights from Week 7 in the NHL

One holiday is in the books and know American hockey fans have almost a full month before they have to spend more time with their extended families. Until then, sit back and watch some hockey players fight each other. Who knows, maybe you’ll pick up a move or two you can use on a family […]

The 5 best hockey fights from Week 6 in the NHL

Fans who love to watch hockey players fight are starting to get a little spoiled this season. While the quantity of fights continue to dwindle, the quality is apparently on the rise as yet again this week’s roundup is loaded with awesome bouts.

The 5 best hockey fights from Week 5 in the NHL

If you’re a regular here at our weekly hockey fights column, you’ll recognize that last week’s installment which recapped the best fights from Week 4 was truly something special. How did Week 5 do in following it up? Surprisingly well. Week 5 delivered and was another week loaded with exciting fights.

The 5 best hockey fights from Week 4 in the NHL

If you love big fights, you will love this week’s edition of Hockey Fights of the Week. Fighting in the NHL is down in a big way, but the past week served up some awesome moments such as a line brawl and a massive one-punch KO delivered from a youngster to a seasoned veteran. Some weeks […]

Video: Max Domi drops Ryan Kesler with one punch

We knew from the beginning that Max Domi was a different type of player than his father Tie ever was, showing more skill in his pinkies than his father had in his entire career. But that doesn’t mean Max wasn’t paying attention to his dad’s old highlight reels. And he proved it when he faced off […]

The 5 best hockey fights from Week 3 in the NHL

Happy Halloween! What better way to celebrate than by highlighting some of the ghouls and goblins of the NHL? Fighting continues to be a rarity in the modern NHL, but there’s some good scraps from Week 3 which we think will be a treat to anyone who watches. On to the fights! 5. Cedric Paquette (TB) […]

Video: Hockey fight gets interesting perspective with on-ice camera

Hockey fights are leaving the NHL, but that isn’t the case in lower leagues where teams are scratching and clawing their way to make a difference. Seeing a fight from a different perspective may change some minds even if the fight was only from a glorified beer league game. Patriots hockey (military) faced off against the […]

The 5 best hockey fights from Week 2 in the NHL

Welcome back to another edition of Hockey Fights of the Week! The NHL is hitting its stride and already the season has been full of surprises. Who would have guessed that the Auston Matthews hype would ever grow this big this quickly? Who would have guessed that the Edmonton Oilers would come out of the gate […]

Video: Valeri Nichushkin gets knocked out during KHL fight

After a tough negotiation that saw him go from the Dallas Stars to CSKA St. Petersburg, Valeri Nichushkin was expected to dominate the KHL. He has been picking up points, yet has been criticized by coaches. He found out the hard way that the KHL isn’t going to be a walk in the park after […]

The 5 best hockey fights from Week 1

The 2016-17 season is finally underway and with it returns our Hockey Fights of the Week feature. Our Hockey Fights of the Week column, which is now in its fourth season, will highlight the five best fights each week throughout the season. The 2015-16 season saw a drastic reduction in the number of fights in […]

Video: Jonathan Toews and James Neal get into spirited fight

Here’s something unexpected early in the NHL season. Captain Serious Jonathan Toews and Predators forward James Neal engaged in a round of fisticuffs during Friday’s Hawks-Preds matchup. Toews took exception to getting slashed by Neal earlier in the game. Watch the two stars duke it out. Who do you think won the tilt? It’s […]

Video: Jonathan Quick tries to fight the Sharks, leaves game injured

Jonathan Quick has always had a bit of a temper and it was on display right away to start the 2016-17 season. In the second of NBC’s Wednesday Rivalry Night games, the Sharks hosted the Kings and tempers boiled over after Logan Couture tied things up in the first period. As the Sharks celebrated, Quick […]

Video: Peter Holland jumps Robbie Russo after big hit

Peter Holland was pretty salty after a big hit along the boards from Robbie Russo. Though several Maple Leafs skated over to Russo to air their grievances, the helmetless Holland rushed in and tried to pummel Russo even though the refs quickly intervened. Holland throwing shots at Russo’s back/side while Russo is pinned under an official […]