Phil Kessel received 53 votes for President from fans in Pittsburgh

The Presidential election has long been decided, but some interesting facts continue to surface to the public. In Pittsburgh, Penguins fans took to the polls and voted for their favorite non-candidate – Phil Kessel.

According to Trib Live, Kessel received a total of 53 votes for President from around the Allegheny and Westmoreland counties. Actually, that’s not totally true as a couple fans didn’t know how to spell Kessel’s last name and two wrote Kessel’s full name – Phil J. Kessel.

Write-in votes aren’t anything new, but it is fun to see where Kessel ranked against other non-candidates. He nearly matched the total received from Mitt Romney in the counties (97 votes) and narrowly lost to Mickey Mouse (58 votes). On the flip side, he was able to beat out God (27 votes), Deez Nuts (15 votes) and Harambe (14 votes).

Trib Live asked Kessel about the votes he received and this is what he had to say:

When confronted with anecdotal evidence that he had received votes, Kessel said he’d leave it to others to decide whether his candidacy was a good or bad sign for our democracy.

“Obviously, there were a couple people to choose from and people make the best choice for themselves,” he said.

If you’re wondering, Kessel wasn’t the only Penguin to receive a vote. The great Mario Lemieux was written in on at least one ballot.

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