The 5 best hockey fights from Week 11 in the NHL

We hope you had a great holiday with family and friends! If you were disappointed that no one in your family picked a fight or that none of your nephews battled over who had the best present, we’re here to feature a bunch of hockey players beating each other up.

5. Marcus Foligno (BUF) vs Shawn Thornton (FLA)

Foligno stopping to fix his hair during the middle of this fight was definitely one of the stranger moments we’ve seen in 2016. That alone was enough to earn this fight a spot on our list, but it was also a pretty impressive performance from Foligno. Thornton wasn’t bad, but he’s narrowly bested.

4. Dale Weise (PHI) vs Seth Helgeson (NJ)

We love that this fight’s screenshot is the two players battling in front of a scared peanut M&M. Anyway, there’s a lot going on while this fight is taking place, but that shouldn’t take away from how impressive Helgeson is against Weise.

3. Andy Andreoff (LA) vs Austin Watson (NSH)

Andreoff’s strategy was to keep Watson pinned up against his own bench and it actually worked out pretty well. The officials stayed out of the way (it’s rare we say that) and Andreoff was able to pick up the win despite a height and reach disadvantage.

2. Matt Hendricks (EDM) vs Brenden Dillon (SJ)

Hendricks stepped in to fight Dillon, but that proved to be a bad decision. Dillon started off with a ton of body shots, but it’s when he switched to some uppercuts on Hendricks that things got really lopsided.

1. Miles Wood (NJ) vs Steve Oleksy (PIT)

This is easily one of the best fights of the season. Both players do a tremendous job of finding their feet and throwing punches despite losing their balance numerous times. We’re going to skip picking a winner here because the fight is just so entertaining.

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