Video: Gudbranson and Martin keep Leafs-Canucks feud alive with awesome fight

Remember when the Toronto Maple Leafs and the Vancouver Canucks had a massive brawl roughly a month ago? All of that anger hasn’t faded much in a month’s time, as evidenced by Matt Martin and Erik Gudbranson keeping the feud alive with an extremely entertaining fight.

If you love fighting in hockey, you’re going to love this one.

That’s just a great fight for both players. There really isn’t a loser as both Martin and Gudbranson appear to land some heavy punches. The officials also deserve some praise for letting this one go as we’ve seen other scraps interrupted when the two players are overly tied up before things get rolling.

Will the rivalry between the Leafs and Canucks live on now that their season series is complete? We’ll have to wait and see in 2017-18.

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