Video: Jamie Benn takes his anger out by snapping three sticks over his knee

There are a lot of ways to show your frustration. Phil Kessel’s preferred method is to make a series of odd faces on the bench. In the case of Jamie Benn, he decided to take his anger out on some of his own sticks by breaking one over his knee out on the ice and two over his knee while he was on the bench.

You can almost hear beer league hockey players cringing as Benn snaps about $600 worth of hockey sticks over his leg. Of course, he’ll have no trouble getting any new sticks, but it’s quite the sight to see him turn stick after stick into discarded pieces of wood.

The whole thing is comical, really. Doesn’t snapping one stick get the point across? At what point in his mind does he decide he should round up the other sticks and break them too?

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