Video: Marc-Andre Fleury dives and bats the puck out of the air to make an amazing save

The “save of the year” description is thrown around pretty liberally these days, but Marc-Andre Fleury’s effort to keep the New Jersey Devils from scoring is more than deserving of that label. Fleury was moving to cover the angle when a deflected puck floated towards his now-empty goal.

The Penguins goaltender was able to reach out, dive and bat the puck away with his stick, saving what should have been a fluke goal.

The dive and the ability to swat the puck away out of the air is extremely impressive, but what’s really awesome here is just how quickly Fleury was able to locate the puck in the air following the deflection. Keep in mind that he’s expecting the shot to come from a low angle and then has to locate it when it pops into the air off of a teammate’s stick.

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