Video: P.K. Subban had a holiday surprise for sick children in Nashville

P.K. Subban is arguably the most charitable player in the NHL. Now that he’s in Nashville, he’s bringing his holiday surprises to sick children there while also creating a special bond with the children he is continuing to help back in Montreal.

Subban surprised several sick children with sickle cell disease, loaded them up in Subban’s Sleigh and treated them to a special shopping spree with a little help from his friends.

The free gear and all of the gifts are awesome, but the idea to connect these sick children in Nashville to those in Montreal is just a brilliant, touching idea. These kids are facing an incredibly difficult battle and it’s important for them to remember that they aren’t alone. Hopefully this was just the beginning of new friendships which will continue after the holiday season is over.

His new campaign, Pin It Forward which is a spin off of paying things forward, is a challenge to fans everywhere to perform random acts of kindness.

Subban’s reputation for giving is already well known, but he’s building on that reputation now that he calls Nashville home. Subban’s generosity is unparalleled and it’s becoming a favorite holiday tradition of hockey fans to watch him make children happy each year.

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