Video: Trainer picks pieces of helmet out of Luca Sbisa’s head after big hit

Garnet Hathaway delivered a monster hit to Luca Sbisa in the corner, sandwiching the Canucks defesenman’s head into the glass. Sbisa lost his lid during the hit, but was able to make it back to his team’s bench. Once he got there, he needed some assistance from one of the team’s trainers to pick broken pieces of helmet out of his head/hair.

Sbisa’s helmet appeared to turn into shrapnel when it made contact with the glass, leaving at least one pretty big chunk in his head/hair for the trainer to pick out.

As for the hit itself, there was no call from the officials on the ice. An argument could definitely be made that the contact on Sbisa was too high or that Hathaway tried to shove his head into the boards, but the refs didn’t see it that way.

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