Brad Marchand wrote Valentine’s Day cards to his teammates and it was weird

The Bruins have been putting out some funny videos lately on their website for their animated shorts, and their “Behind The B” series. Their latest B The B featured a bit where Brad Marchand sent Valentine’s Day cards to his teammates, and the Bruins put out the “Director’s Cut” of Marchand’s bit on Twitter today. Now before you hit that arrow, keep in mind that you might never be the same again after you see it. There, I’ve done my part. Good luck:

First off, kudos to Marchand for really getting into this role. Maybe … too much? He might have been method acting, which will bode well for him when he needs a new career, but it scares the heck out of me.

Second, there was one prevailing thought I had as I was watching this: Imagine Gordie Howe writing Ted Lindsay and Terry Sawchuk Valentine’s Day cards. And Howe getting a heart full of Valentine’s Day chocolates in return. Maybe then I would laugh because this bit would probably be on Laugh In, and end with Howe and Lindsay remembering who they are and beating the crap out of each other. Then I’d laugh. This? Man, it was weird. And I think I need a shower.

Times have changed, man. Times have changed.