Cam Atkinson helps little girl get puppy, proceeds to score hat trick

I am sure this is about to be a trend that scares the absolute crap out of parents in North America, but making a poster to motivate your favorite player is the hot trend right now. What is being said on these posters? A simple trade off of a goal for a puppy. Maddie Wright’s dad bit off a little more than he could chew when Cam Atkinson scored a hat trick to cement that a puppy was going into the Wright household.

The best part is that the family decided to get an adult rescue dog. And to top it all off, Atkinson decided to pay for all expenses involving the dog. How cool is that? While the Blue Jackets season has been a bit of a downer, this has to be one of the high points. Here’s hoping for more good times for the long suffering team.

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