Kings broadcast displays ridiculous graphic for new players

Intangibles can be a whole lot of things. They can be ludicrous in their description, but they are nonetheless followed by scouts and prognosticators. It is rather odd that a lot of these intangibles only show up when a team is winning and if they aren’t winning we seem to dismiss them. They are either there or not. You can’t pick and choose what to include on someones resume.

That is why these graphics are all the more ridiculous, courtesy of a recent LA Kings game.

Intangibles are supposed to produce tangible results. Otherwise, what in the hell is the point? Also, aren’t intangibles supposed to be things like winning mentality and having a lot of heart? What is this? The more you fill your mind with this kind of crap, the less educated you become as a hockey fan.

Grow as fans, people!

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