PK Subban pays homage to Jaromir Jagr

The breakaway challenge in the NHL All-Star Skills Competition has become increasingly silly. And that’s a good thing. Between Patrick Kane’s Superman routine to Alex Ovechkin’s double stick breakaway, there have been some signature moments that people remember more than anything to come out of All-Star weekend. This year’s winner for the image that will be burned into your brain forever is PK Subban and his Jaromir Jagr costume:

The mullet was great, and the salute was a nice touch. The Jofa helmet showed a subtle attention to detail. The only thing that might have topped it was if Subban could have found a vintage 90’s Penguins sweater to put on. But it didn’t matter as the routine helped Subban win the fan vote with 31% to become the 2016 Breakaway champion. Also, it hopefully earned Subban a post retirement spot on the roster of the Traveling Jagrs.