Video: Dion Phaneuf absolutely flattens Sven Andrighetto

One of the biggest trades of the entire season didn’t take place on deadline day, but rather it took place a couple weeks prior. The trade involving Dion Phaneuf going to the Ottawa Senators sent shockwaves throughout the NHL. Many didn’t believe that the contract was a movable piece. The Toronto Maple Leafs proved the entire league otherwise when they sent him packing.

Phaneuf is known for sending opposing players packing, normally with his bone crunching hits. Such was the case last night when the Senators played the Montreal Canadiens.

Look out, Sven Andrighetto!

We can debate all day long about the nature of this hit. Is it clean? Is it dirty? It seems to be the type of hit that Dion Phaneuf is known for, year after year. Either way, I do not want to be on the receiving end of one of those hits.

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