Video: Doc Emrick calls Pirates spring training game

Doc Emrick is a Hall of Fame hockey announcer. And if you know anything about him, you know he’s a huge fan of Major League Baseball’s Pittsburgh Pirates. On Thursday in Bradenton, Doc got to call a couple of innings of the Pirates’ game against Toronto with Pirates announcers Greg Brown and John Wehner.

No surprise that he sounds like he’s been calling baseball all his life. Baseball lends itself to Emrick’s skill of weaving in and out of stories. It would be great to hear him call a full game for that reason, and because you know he would prepare just as hard as he would prepare for calling a hockey game. I mean, attending the Pirates Black & Gold game on his day off to call two innings of a Pirates spring training game?

The man is a pro. And it shouldn’t surprise you. I mean, he calls backyard dog races with the same fervor.