Video: Henrik Lundqvist freaks out, flips net over during play

Henrik Lundqvist usually is one of the best at keeping cool under immense pressure while making even the most difficult saves look easy, but his anger got the best of him against the Penguins. After a collision in which Lundqvist was ran over by a teammate, the goaltender decided to show the officials how angry he was that play wasn’t stopped by flipping over his net during a Penguins’ scoring chance.

One more look:

Lundqvist believed play should have been stopped as he was caught well out of his crease with a potential injury, but play continued. As the Penguins brought the play the other way, Lundqvist flipped the net and picked up a two-minute penalty.

He later exited the game with neck spasms, but it’s unclear whether he injured himself in the collision or when he flipped the net.

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