Video: Joonas Korpisalo gives up long-range clunker to David Legwand

There’s really no reason for you to pay attention to the Buffalo Sabres and the Columbus Blue Jackets on a random, cold Friday night. Unless of course you’re waiting for John Tortorella to pick fights with his players. So you probably missed this bizarre goal that David Legwand scored from his own end:

It’s really easy to blame Joonas Korpisalo for this one. But I’ll maintain that this wasn’t his fault. Look at the first replay from behind Korpisalo: That puck landed on the ice … on it’s edge … right in front of Joonas. And took a hard left. That wasn’t a whoopsie by the goalie. That was a trick shot. That was two parts physics, one part Jeannette Lee (google her), and one part Steph Curry if he played hockey, because it seems like something he could pull off regularly if you put a hockey stick in his hands. In fact, if Legwand had said after the game that he practiced that (which he probably wouldn’t because that’s not very hockey player like), then I’d believe him. A little bit. I know I shouldn’t, but that’s how freaky that shot was.

Worst thing about this was that Korpisalo’s family came all the way from Finland to watch him play in the NHL for the very first time:

I hope they still took him for ice cream after the game. I’m sure he could use some.