About the blog:

The Queensberry Rules, aka TQBR, is devoted to following the sport of boxing. It derives its name from the rules that govern boxing, which were published in 1867 and named after the 9th Marquess of Queensberry. We once went by the name Ring Report.

We encourage you to participate by creating an account and commenting on blog entries. (TQBR reserves the right to remove comments and ban commenters who use abusive language, like racial slurs.) We also encourage you to consider writing guest blog entries.

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About the proprietor:

Tim Starks is the founder of TQBR and a co-founder of the Transnational Boxing Rankings Board. He started a boxing blog called Seven Punch Combo in 2007 before joining MVN that same year. He joined Bloguin in 2009, and now is part of The Comeback team. He has contributed boxing pieces to The Economist, The New Republic, Vice, The Daily Beast, Bookforum, Ring magazine, The Sweet Science, BoxingScene and more. His boxing writing also has been cited by The Wall Street Journal, The New Yorker, The Village Voice, Deadspin and others. When not writing about boxing, Tim has focused on foreign policy and national security for a wide variety of publications.

Tim has been called a “crack head” on national television for no apparent reason and a “baby killer” by commenters on this very blog who disagreed with an April, 2008 decision to bump Manny Pacquiao down from #2 to #3 on his list of today’s best fighters. He can be reached at: tstarks2@gmail.com.

About the staff:

Brent Hedtke lives in Minneapolis and owns not one, but two sleeveless Aaron Pryor t-shirts. The Erik Morales “lemme pour some water on your balls” video has 4,467 views on YouTube and at least 4,000 of those are his. He’s written for numerous websites which are now defunct, almost certainly due to something he wrote. In addition to watching men hit each other he enjoys punk rock, monster trucks and shows about wife swaps but not the one you’re thinking of. At the risk of getting yourself put on some type of government database you’re welcome to follow him on Twitter at @ratcatchermpls.


Alex McClintock started writing on this very blog. Since then he’s gone on to write about boxing for The Guardian, The Ring, HBO, Men’s Fitness, the Australian Broadcasting Corporation, The Monthly, The Saturday Paper and more. He’s spoken about the sweet science on CNN and Australian TV and radio, and has written about travel, food, politics, music and even weddings for a wide variety of publications.

During the day Alex is the deputy online editor of ABC RN (kind of like the Australian NPR). His hobbies include trying not to drink so much beer and dreaming of moving to the U.S. Follow him on Twitter or contact him via email.


Jeff Pryor is a screenwriter and film director whose natural interest and asthetic tends to run towards noir and the darkly psychological. This probably explains why his writings on boxing are so pretentious. Aping the clipped writing style of James Ellroy, the semi-colon sentence structure of Virginia Woolf and the holier-than-thou tone of the Bible; Jeff is able to at once turn a phrase cleverly and concisely, all while showing off and self-aggrandizing nicely.

Jeff has shaken hands with Bob Arum, posed for a photo with Teddy Atlas and had Bernard Hopkins pretend to be an old woman to him when answering the phone. He previously wrote for The Boxing Bulletin.

Matthew Swain is the deputy editor of Queensberry Rules. He’s an ecologist who studies plant community dynamics in invaded ecosystems. He is aware that what he does for a living is obscenely nerdy, and is unashamed of that. Originally from Atlanta, Ga., he started watching boxing with his grandfather in the late 80s and became a complete boxing addict after competing as an amateur while serving in Iraq in the United States Marine Corps. He has continued to train himself and occasionally others for the last decade. His dream girl is super genius/sociopath Alice Morgan from the TV series “Luther.” If you have a high tolerance for utterly ridiculous and often obscene humor, he can be found on Twitter @liverpunch0351.

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