Five Boxing Things I’m Thankful For

Erik Morales: Was there ever a more willing warrior — a guy who was more dead set on meeting fire with fire? From his teenage days in Tijuana, right up to a few months ago under Floyd Mayweather-Victor Ortiz, Morales has always delivered drama and action. Knocking out the 122-pound gargoyle-faced Daniel Zaragoza to lift the WBC […]

Juan Manuel Marquez: The Manny Pacquiao Past And A History Of The Future

The Counterpuncher. He’s not a front runner. He is patient. Watching, calculating. Defense first, elusive tack. He takes what you give him and turns it around. Catch the grenade and toss it back. Juan Manuel Marquez is certainly among the greatest counterpunchers in the history of the sport. He may even be the best. And […]

Bernard Hopkins And Chad Dawson: Champs, Or Chumps?

Chad Dawson and Bernard Hopkins. The fight that fans weren’t clamoring for. Hopkins didn’t want. HBO couldn’t sell. Few anticipated. And even less actually attended. After the abortion of a fight that perhaps many have now seen, though few paid for, there are a host of questions that beg to be asked. How many more […]

The Best And The Worst: Floyd Mayweather, Jr.

How could you blame him? How could you not blame him? You are left with a sense of being greatly unfulfilled, unsatisfied, frustrated. Yet who could deny they hadn’t seen something unforgettable — a spectacle, even entertaining, if perversely? Those were the thoughts that filled one’s mind in the aftermath of Mayweather’s sucker punch sandbagging […]