Sharp Regis Prograis Whoops Sloppy Julius Indongo

Was Julius Indongo that bad Saturday night on Showtime? Or was Regis Prograis that good? As often is the case in a fight like this, where Prograis wiped out Indongo in two rounds, it’s a little of both, but probably more the former. Indongo was coming off a knockout loss to the former junior welterweight […]

The Liver Punch: Confidence Intervals

Say the word “awkward” out loud. Chances are pretty good that you’ll remember a moment in which you said something that was not well received, or just the entirety of your teenage years in my case. That’s how most of us relate to the word. It’s something embarrassing and inconvenient. It feels off. Awkward also […]

Sergey Kovalev Chops Up, Stops Igor Mikhalkin

Inasmuch as any card can be a commercial for the future, tonight’s HBO card from Madison Square Garden Theater in New York was that. For seven rounds, Sergey Kovalev (32-2-1, 28 KO) beat up his former amateur team mate Igor Mikhalkin. Mikhalkin (21-2, 9 KO), came into the fight with his only positive attributes being a […]

Deontay Wilder Stops Luis Ortiz In Thrill Ride

Deontay Wilder is not a boxer. Luis Ortiz is. Both men have power. But Deontay Wilder stopped Luis Ortiz thanks to said power Saturday night on Showtime Saturday in a roller coaster of a heavyweight fight. The superior boxer won almost every round Saturday through 10, that being Ortiz, the Cuban amateur great. Even a […]

Super Super Fly: Srisaket Sor Rungvisai Wins Atop Golden Card

As a boxing fan, you just live for cards like the one we got on HBO Saturday night, when Srisaket Sor Rungvisai defeated Juan Francisco Estrada in an important and extremely enjoyable main event — and the rest of the night lived up to expectations, too. Srisaket Sor Rungivsai proved he wasn’t just a one- […]

The Giggle Factory: Superfly 2 Preview And Predictions

If you’re a fan of alliterative metaphors relating to body size and/or learning every conceivable variation of the word “diminutive,” HBO has got a treat for you this weekend. Jim Lampley’s synonym game is rivaled only by his crying-at-everyday-occurrences game and you can bet both will be on display this Saturday at The Forum in […]

The Liver Punch: Whose Story Are You Telling?

My undergraduate mentor always starts a piece of advice with, “My boy…” I’m 35 and he still does it. He spoke to me that way when I was a precocious 18 year old hell bent on fucking up his own life. He said it to me when I was a driven, if utterly directionless, 23 […]

Roy Jones And The Death Of The Party

Shortly before his death in 2011, Christopher Hitchens said of his impending mortality, “It will happen to all of us, that at some point you get tapped on the shoulder and told, not just that the party’s over, but slightly worse: the party’s going on — but you have to leave. And it’s going on […]

Errol Spence Is Pretty Good, Maybe

There are a few moments that stand out from Saturday night’s Showtime main event between Errol Spence and Lamont Peterson. 1. In the 3rd round, Peterson finally got into the fight a little bit. Spence, who had been in full control to that point, amped up his activity and seemed to hit him even harder. […]

2017 Fight Of The Year: Anthony Joshua Vs Wladimir Klitschko

By every visible measure, Anthony Joshua is the Prince Who Was Promised. And wielding a flaming sword, on April 29, Azor Ahai was reborn “amid smoke and salt.” The metaphor is inexact, sure. Because the foe Joshua vanquished was Wladimir Klitschko, an all-around good guy who earned new admiration that evening, there’s not a perfect […]

2017 Fighter Of The Year: Srisaket Sor Rungvisai

People hate gifts. Not receiving them, people love that, but watching others receive them without merit is anathema to us unless we wish to see others suffer. For that reason, there is always a dichotomous selection of outrage and schadenfreude when someone collectively considered great is a victim of gifted cards. The “greats” are supposed […]

2017 Fighter Of The Year Nominees

Welcome to The Queensberry Rules’ annual year-end boxing awards, continuing throughout this week. Here’s how we do it around these parts: The major categories are Knockout of the Year, Fight of the Year and Fighter of the Year. For each category, we give five finalists, with video and/or relevant info. You tell us if our finalists […]