Ivan Jakes didn’t let getting struck by lightning ruin a race this week.

The Slovakian biker was riding in the Dakar Rally when he was hit by lightning. reports the Slovakian felt getting hit but continued to finish the race with pain in his left arm. Not only did he finish the race, but he also finished 15th.

It’s not only a miracle Jakes finished the race, but it’s a miracle he’s alive. Doctors say his bike acted as a conductor for the electricity, as it went through Jakes and into the ground. If his feet would have been on the ground, he likely would have felt the full impact of the lightning and been killed. How freaking metal is that?

Jakes went to a nearby hospital to be checked out and was cleared for future participation.

It’s incredible Jakes not only lived through the ordeal but finished the race and managed to be completely fine from the incident. Getting jolted with electricity might have been motivation to finish. You’ve got to imagine it provided some adrenaline. He’s lucky to still be alive and racing. It’s a great story to tell, but if I’m Jakes, I’m a bit apprehensive to get back on the bike, even if the expression tells us that “lightning doesn’t strike twice in the same place twice.”

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