Imagine racing a motorcycle at around 120 mph and you get a wasp caught inside your skin tight race suit. That is a very horrible scenario to face and one MotoGP rider experienced that first hand.

As he was qualifying for the Spanish Grand Prix, Honda rider Cal Crutchlow unexpectedly began swatting the air in the middle of his qualifying run. Crutchlow quickly pulled off the track and pulled his suit away from him in order to get something out.

After qualifying, Crutchlow revealed that a wasp had gotten inside his race suit and claimed it stung him five times along his chest and arm.

While many of us would say “screw this” and not get back on the bike for a while, Crutchlow got back on and qualified 3rd. To put that out of your mind, get back on the bike and ride at breathtaking speeds to be within two tenths of a second from pole position is incredible.

But while Crutchlow had the mindset to get back on the bike, it probably wasn’t a good idea. During the race, Crutchlow crashed and fell as he was in 4th place and finished out of the points.

The crash dropped Crutchlow to 7th in points. Despite crashing behind him, Valentino Rossi came back to finish 10th and holds a two point lead. Dani Pedrosa won the Spanish Grand Prix.

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