A U.S. track athlete said kissing led to failed drug test

Apparently, "passionate kissing" can be bad news if you're an athlete.

The typical excuses we see when an athlete fails a drug test tends to range from “I didn’t take it” to “I don’t know how it ended up in my system” or “that’s impossible.” This week, we have a new excuse thanks to United States track athlete Gil Roberts.

Roberts’ excuse? Passionate kissing.

This is serious. Roberts is claiming that intense kissing led to his positive test back in March, according to Deadspin. The news of the ridiculously odd possibility came from the USADA’s official report about the topic.

According to Roberts, his girlfriend Alex Salazar was taking medicine for a sinus infection and that medicine, which contained probenecid, is what led to the positive test.

Look specifically at the second paragraph here:


“They kissed and ‘chilled out’.”

Here’s the thing though, Roberts isn’t the first track athlete to blame KISSING on a positive drug test. Right before the 2016 Olympics in Brazil, Canadian pole vaulter Shawn Barber blamed a positive drug test on kissing a woman who just did cocaine. In 2009, tennis player Richard Gasquet said he kissed a woman with cocaine on her lips, leading to a positive test.

While Barber and Gasquet were busted for kissing women who had just done cocaine, Roberts just wanted to kiss his girlfriend and is now being punished for it.

This is taking positive test blaming to new ridiculous stupid heights.


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