The seventh division of English soccer is usually full of semi-pro players barely getting paid to play and are playing in front of hundreds of people. That kind of intimacy between fan and team as well as having virtually no chance of being on worldwide TV can lead to a situation like this.

Corby Town’s Ben Milnes scored in the second half to give them a big 1-0 win against Mickelover Sports. In the ensuing celebration, the players went toward the stands to celebrate. Seeing a couple cups of beer sitting on top of the ad boards, defender Jason Lee didn’t want to see a drink go to waste and took a sip of beer.

A very underrated part of that video is the fan who attempted to congratulate the players almost breaking his neck falling over the barrier. Anyway, the video missed the actual moment Lee drank the beer so here’s a way better pic.

Lee, who works for a building contractor, became an overnight sensation. But after having a swig that caused him notoriety, Lee grew to regret it almost immediately.

“I thought it was going to be a lager, took a big swig, to find out it was a cider. I thought ‘I can’t stop here’ so carried on.”

“But with about 10 or 15 minutes to go I got severe heartburn. Although it tasted nice and refreshing at the time, I just wouldn’t recommend it for elite athletes.”

The celebration apparently won’t result in any fine or punishment for Lee. More importantly, that win got Corby Town out of the relegation zone in the Northern Premier League. So maybe as long as Corby Town stays in their league, the celebrations could remain a bit wet.

[BBC/Photo: Alison Bagley]

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