Following the USMNT’s soul-crushing loss to Trinidad & Tobago on Tuesday night, a little voice in the back of my head was saying “please don’t let Jack Warner come out of hiding and gloat”. The Trinidadian Warner is the former CONCACAF President that eventually got banned from soccer for life for his role in FIFA’s 2015 corruption scandal. He lost an appeal against extradition charges to the US last month, but is still fighting.

Needless to say, Warner was quite thrilled about the USMNT’s loss, given that it was the American FBI that played a large part in his getting banned for life by FIFA.

Following the Soca Warriors’ 2-1 victory, Warner gave a radio interview, proclaiming it the happiest day of his life.

Warner in an interview on radio on Wednesday said that it was correct to say that Tuesday night’s win was “sweet revenge”, in reference to Trinidad and Tobago’s loss to USA in 1989, crushing local hopes of qualifying for World Cup 1990 in Italy.

“I have not been in better spirits. This is the happiest day of my life”, said Warner. “It (the win) couldn’t have given me great joy”.

But he wasn’t done there!

The former CONCACAF President said that the US had “reduced football in CONCACAF to a nightmare”.

“They have used their Government to help to dismember FIFA in a way that is unimaginable. And last night on the field of play Trinidad and Tobago reduced them to their knees” he said.

Warner also claimed that this was the beginning of the end for US Soccer.

“They will continue to undermine (the World Cup in) Qatar for 2022, but they will not succeed. As far as I am concerned this is the beginning of the end for US football”, he said. “Nobody in CONCACAF likes the US.” 

And just for the hell of it, he said he wanted to party and that the US was a laughingstock.

“And for me personally, it has reduced the US to a laughing stock. Last September 27 when the judge ruled against Jack Warner there was a party in the US, they were quite happy”, he said.

“”Knowing that this has happened I wanted to go out and party as they partied last September when a judge ruled against me. I wanted to party. This was my personal feeling”.

Trinidad & Tobago had qualified for just one World Cup in their history, earning one point from three matches in the 2006 tournament.

So this is where we are, US Soccer fans – Jack Warner is happy today, all because Bruce Arena’s side couldn’t get one damn point at Trinidad & Tobago like they did two years ago under Jurgen Klinsmann when World Cup qualification was still in its early phases.

But hey, at least there’s another Gold Cup at US Soccer HQ!

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