The great thing about LEGO bricks is you can build just about anything you can imagine, whether it’s a completely original build, or a model of an existing object or building. Some master builders out there continue to build impressive models sports fans will appreciate, from recreating defining and iconic sports moments in stop-motion LEGO animations, to scaling down some of the sports world’s most iconic venues.

The latest collection of masterful and skillfully created models covers the world of soccer. One devoted Reddit user with a passion for soccer and LEGO took the time to build 39 soccer stadiums found in England and Wales. While you will not find LEGO minifigures sitting in the stands or on the green-brick pitch, the detail and care put into these construction projects is not to be mocked. These are high-quality projects that pay attention to as many details a possible given the scale and pieces available to use for each.

Here is a sampling of some of the models that have been constructed…

Here we have the home of Manchester United:

And Chelsea:

Here is the scaled-down version of Tottenham Hotspurs’ stadium:

And here is a look at Wembley Stadium:

You can check out photos from each of this creator’s body of work on Reddit. Personally, I’ll stick to the instruction that tell me how to make everything and stick with that, because I may not have the patience to pull off something like this.

[ / Reddit]

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