Huge Nerf gun

Leave it to a former NASA engineer to make a Nerf gun that can shoot out a bullet at 40 miles per hour.

Mark Rober, the former NASA engineer who has found himself a following on YouTube with science-related videos, shocked those around the Internet with this giant Nerf gun.

Rober created the gun to protect himself in office Nerf gun fights. It uses a 3,000 pounds-per-square-inch paint ball canister and shoots out bullets that have a circumference similar to a pool noodle.

As the video shows, this gun blows away any previous Nerf gun. Rober starts by shooting a bullet through a pane of glass. When Rober and his team compare the punch of their gun to a typical Nerf gun, it isn’t a close. A bullet shot from a regular Nerf gun simply sticks to a bottle of beer. Rober’s gun blows up the beer bottle.

For the sake of kids and adults everywhere, it’s probably safe for all of us if Rober’s gun isn’t mass-produced. It is hard to deny, however, how fun it would be to put your finger on the trigger of this invention.


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