Adam McKay to direct superhero-gone-bad movie Irredeemable

Following the success of The Big Short, which was viewed as a Best Picture contender for this year’s Academy Awards, director Adam McKay is probably in the position of being able to make just about any movie he wants right now. Apparently, he wants to make a superhero movie. According to Deadline‘s Mike Fleming, McKay […]


Dancing With the Stars, week 7: Down goes Von Miller, Paige VanZant soars

Double elimination on Dancing With the Stars this week! After not eliminating anyone in week 5’s switch-up, two dancers had to be booted from the competition to keep up with the schedule. In addition to the individual dances this week, every contestant had to perform in a group dance, with the male and female competitors […]


Game of Thrones, Season 6, Episode 2 recap: Home

Game of Thrones season six started off with an episode that disappointed some and pleased others. However, episode two is likely to get more positive reviews from fans than negative ones. Here is our recap of “Home.” Warning: spoilers from the books, theories, and show may be afoot. Since we’re all caught up, it shouldn’t be […]


The Punisher is getting his own series; Netflix orders Daredevil spinoff from Marvel

It’s hardly the most surprising news to come out of Hell’s Kitchen, but a welcome announcement for Marvel fans nonetheless. Entertainment Weekly reports that Netflix has ordered a spinoff series starring The Punisher, the lethal vigilante who was a featured player in season two of Marvel’s Daredevil. Jon Bernthal played Frank Castle, a soldier […]


Alicia Vikander cast as Lara Croft in Tomb Raider reboot

How do you follow up winning an Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress? If you’re Alicia Vikander, you headline one of the few action-movie franchises available for a a female star. In a somewhat surprising announcement, Vikander will play Lara Croft in MGM’s reboot of Tomb Raider, based on the popular video game franchise introduced […]


Watch: Joseph Gordon-Levitt and weird accent in trailer for Oliver Stone’s Snowden

Edward Snowden is an infamous figure in world events, national security and even pop culture. (Snowden was interviewed by John Oliver on Last Week Tonight at this time last year.) The former National Security Agency contractor leaked classified intelligence documents to reporter Glenn Greenwald and filmmmaker Laura Poitras which revealed various global surveillance programs run by the NSA […]


Should musicians boycott North Carolina over HB2 or play shows in protest?

Last Wednesday (April 20), Pearl Jam was scheduled to play the latest date of their spring tour at PNC Arena in Raleigh, North Carolina. Days before the show, however, the band announced that it had been canceled. It wasn’t illness, injury, or death that caused the cancellation, but a bill signed by North Carolina Governor […]


Watch: Spider-Man pops up in latest Captain America: Civil War TV ad

The theatrical release of Captain America: Civil War is less than two weeks away. (Though some of you lucky sons of a gun out there have already seen it. Who do I have to know, man?) Anticipation probably couldn’t be built to a higher point. That is, unless Marvel reveals just a little of what […]


Everybody Wants Some!! is a fun romp that needs no story to entertain

When director Richard Linklater said that his new film, Everybody Wants Some!!, was a “spiritual sequel” to 1993’s Dazed and Confused, a few eyebrows may have raised. Some eyes may have rolled. “Spiritual sequel” almost seems like a new brand phrase in movies, especially when it comes from the likes of J.J. Abrams recently trying […]


Watch: Final X-Men Apocalypse trailer shows us some familiar claws

With the theatrical release of X-Men: Apocalypse one month away, Fox released the final trailer for the blockbuster, hoping to amp up anticipation even further. As should be the case, this third and final trailer looks the best and even indicates that maybe some of the shots we saw in the first two previews — […]

Game of Thrones

Game of Thrones season 6, episode 1 recap: The Red Woman

A new season of Game of Thrones is here, and we’re launching a series of recaps here at The Comeback. Today, we’re looking at the season six premiere, “The Red Woman.” And of course, we totally learned what’s going on with Bran Stark and whether or not Jon Snow is really dead, right? RIGHT? Warning: […]


Supergirl’s first season showed potential, despite uneven stories and characters

When a Supergirl TV series was announced, it quickly became one of the most anticipated shows heading into its first season. With Melissa Benoist (Glee) cast as Kara Zor-El, CBS had a groundbreaking opportunity in introducing the first female lead superhero, who happened to be the cousin of the Man of Steel. The lighter tone of the show […]


MTV is bringing back some music, may be ready for cultural revival

The shocking, untimely death of Prince suddenly made MTV a music channel again. Since the tragic news broke, the network which built itself on playing music videos and featuring popular pop and rock artists (as well as the occasionally niche or obscure) has filled its airtime with constant videos and performance footage of Prince, reminding […]