A ‘Full House’ revival is in the works

Yesterday, when I saw on EW.com that a Full House revival was in the works, I stood up and screamed, HAVE MERCY! (Okay, not really, maybe just in my head). But here are the details:

“The show’s creator Jeff Franklin would pen the potential revival, with original executive producer Bob Boyett also on board. Castmembers Candace Cameron Bure, Jodie Sweetin, and Andrea Barber would play a role in the project, while Bob Saget and Dave Coulier would also be involved, though it’s unclear in what capacity. There is no network attached yet, and the project is in very early stages.”

The sitcom, which ran from 1987-1995, may be revived because of A) demand, B) the success of Girl Meets World, or C) because all the principal actors from the original series are bored to the point of heroin addictions — Looking at you, Stephanie Tanner! I know, HOW RUDE OF ME — with the exception of maybe the Olsen Twins.

OK, and Candace Cameron Bure is a regular on Hallmark Channel movies and just did Dancing With the Stars. But if you look at what the original cast is posting on Instagram and/or Twitter, I think they have some free time for this project.

Exhibits A thru whatever:

Yikes, Uncle Jesse has some ripping abs (SEE WHAT I DID THERE? I will see myself out)

Andrea Barber runs a lot.

Um, great idea, Dan-O. Book it. (OK, I’m tired. The bad jokes are just flowing too easily right now.)

Yes, DJ, we did want to know what was in your trailer for whichever made for TV movie you’re currently filming.

Cute selfie, but what are you doing right now, Steph?

You know you want one of those shirts — you know it.

Maybe a revival of the series will save MK from marrying her 45-year-old fiancé who looks like a creepy dad (probably because he IS one).

Aunt Becky is just the cutest!

We will never forget the gift Scott Weinger gave us — the voice of Aladdin.

The series finale, if I recall, was dripping with over-the-top cheesiness. Michelle falls off a horse and gets amnesia, but then her memory miraculously comes back and she says she could never forget her family, and I think DJ and Steve get back together. So it’s not like they’d need to address any cliffhangers here; it would just be a where-are-they-now type of series, I suspect.

In any case, I am fully on board with Uncle Jesse and Aunt Becky renewing their vows (BECAUSE THERE IS NO WAY THEY ARE NOT STILL TOGETHER, OTHERWISE LOVE DOES NOT EXIST), so we can get another one of these gems:


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