CNN asks: “Who is 4chan???”

CNN continues its evolution in transforming from a 24/7 cable news network into a 24/7 blooper reel. The network formerly known as the most trusted name in news has had one appalling on-air screw-up after another and quickly become the poster-child for all that ails the American news media.

This “segment” (I use quotation marks to describe it because it loosely classifies as such) covering the scandalous leaks of nude celebrity pictures is just the latest example.

Anchor Brooke Baldwin asks “tech expert” Brett Larson (again notice the quotation marks), “Who is this 4chan person or website?”

For starters, I’m pretty sure you’re either a person or a website and that you can’t be both. If not, websites have taken on anthropomorphic qualities and the digital apocalypse is upon us. The conversation then carries on as if this message board is a living, breathing human being.

Oh, and CNN’s tech expert advises individuals to change any “s” to a “$” in their passwords because THAT IS FOR SURE A FOOLPROOF PLAN!

In case you’re wondering, no, nobody has hacked CNN and is airing some kind of joke of a cable news network.  This is for real.


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