Meet the 12 dumbest people on the planet

During American Idol on Wednesday night, Fox released a promo for a new reality show, I Wanna Marry Harryin which 12 “unsuspecting” ladies are tricked into believing they actually have a shot at marrying Prince Harry.

Via E! Online:

Fact: I Wanna Marry Harry is going to be the summer TV season’s most-talked about new show. How do we know this? Well, just listen to the premise: 12 women compete for Prince Harry’s love. The catch? It’s not Prince Harry! Matthew Hicks, a normal English bloke, is pretending to be Prince William’s red-headed brother. Cruel? Maybe. Entertaining? Hell yes.

Can people actually be that stupid? I can’t think of a reason for someone not knowing what fucking Prince Harry looks like (pun not intended). I mean, most entertainment sites have entire sections dedicated to the Royal Family. Fox just obviously found 12 people who wanted to be on TV and signed some sort of waiver that was all, “I release all brain cells and self respect. Please hook me up with a hot Brit.”

I really cannot wait to see how awful and dramatic this show turns out to be.

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