Ranking Weird Al Yankovic’s 8 new videos

Starting last week, “Weird Al Yankovic” vaulted back in to our hearts, releasing a new album and the brilliant music videos that made him famous.

Mandatory Fun is his first album in three years and does not disappoint. We wanted to do a ranking of the best Weird Al parodies to date, but literally everyone has done those. So, instead, we wanted to rank the eight videos he has released off his newest album. This was not easy. And while I’m sure no person would rank these the same, we took a crack at it anyways.

8) Mission Statement

Sounds like a Crosby, Stills and Nash song, while singing nothing but corporate jargon. Example: “Leverage core competencies in order to holistically administrate exceptional synergy.” Is that even English?? The video is even less entertaining, with someone simply writing words and drawing pictures. Featuring a confused Weird Al in the video might have gotten this one a higher rank.

7) First World Problems

Calling us out on how ridiculous we can be is a theme in at least three of the songs on this list. “I couldn’t order off the breakfast menu because I slept until two.” Yeah, we’ve all been there. The lyrics are funny but the video is not his best.

6) Handy

A spoof of Iggy Azalea’s “Fancy,” “Handy” is exactly what you would expect it to be. While in real life it would be nice to have someone handy around, singing about caulking a tub is not that exciting.


5) Lame Claim to Fame

We all have to deal with annoying name droppers at one time or another. “OMG, my boyfriend’s cousin lives in the same building as Carrie Underwood’s hair stylist.” Yeah. No one cares.

4) Sports Song

This is what I imagine the Ohio State band wishes it could sing during home football games. WE ROCK, YOU SUCK.

3) Foil

Who can argue with a song about taking leftovers home?

2) Word Crimes

There is nothing ambigious about the message of this one. I loved it and wanted it to be number one but was vetoed. This is for all the people who cringe when they get text messages along the lines of “ur hot” or “what r u doing” or some such. English. Learn it.

1) Tacky

I personally HATE Pharrel’s “Happy” and I’m not sure why. This parody is genius from Margaret Cho to Jack Black, to mentioning Crocs, Yelp reviews and displaying all your used liquor bottles, which I may or may not have done and seen in many an apartment back in Chicago before it was tacky.


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