The 21 Weirdest Nancy Grace Hashtags

Perhaps no other media personality is as symbolic of the 24/7 cable news craze as Nancy Grace. A one-time prosecutor and legal analyst at Court TV who capitalized on a world that craves controversy and bombast, she has long been a lead anchor at HLN. Much like TLC, HLN dropped its original name "Headline News" some time ago as a sacrifice to the altar of the Ratings Gods. Grace is someone who truly seized her opportunity in the cable news realm. In spite of many times in which she's been wrong, she still steamrolls forward moving from case to case unapologetically crushing anyone who stands in her way and translating controversy to ratings. She's also expanded her repertoire from serious legal cases to stories about people eating their pets.

But above all else, Nancy Grace has the weirdest hashtags on Twitter.

In promoting her many bizarre stories, Grace sends out teasers with a unique hashtag to get people talking about what she's covering. On Thursday, that presented a remarkable event when she used #Marijuana and #BakedCat for two stories that were somehow unrelated.

At least I think they were unrelated, the thought of a cat high on ganja and then being eaten by its owner is really something else.

#BakedCat is far from the most bizarre hashtag Nancy Grace has used on Twitter. She's somehow able to turn awful, disgusting stories into Twitter punchlines with the kind of skill stand-up comedians could only dream of. Like her cable news career, she's attacked the art of the hashtag with a venom seen nowhere else. Here are her weirdest hashtags, arbitrarily ranked for your enjoyment.

1) #BabyInDryer

2) #BabyInShoebox

3) #BoxOfInfants

4) #ToiletBaby

5) #VacuumSex

6) #SexedUpMommy

7) MiniGolfDeath

8) #MurderForPizza

9) #CreepySexDiaries

10) #Elmo

11) #DeathByCurlingIron

12) #DeathByMinivan

13) #GrannyHasAGun

14) #ShoppingCartPorn

15) #HotCrayons

16) #StripClubBaby

17) #ButtDialMurder

18) #ChainedToChicken

19) #TooYoungToTat

20) #TooFatToDie

21) #TooFatToKill

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