He’s coming back! Harry Shearer is returning to ‘The Simpsons’

After taking to Twitter to announce that he wouldn’t return to The Simpsons for the upcoming 27th season, Entertainment Weekly has reported that Harry Shearer will now return to the animated sitcom.

Shearer admitted his original decision was never about money, but rather whether he felt he could honor the required time commitment.

It’s unclear whether this was part of a plan to make sure the show fit within Shearer’s schedule or if he had a change of heart after Simpsons fans lamented his leaving. Either way, Shearer and Fox appears committed to keeping the team together.

While the show recently dealt with the tragic loss of Marcia Wallace who voiced Bart’s teacher, Edna Krabappel, Shearer’s absence from the show would have had a much greater impact from a logistical standpoint. Shearer lends his voice to Montgomery Burns, Ned Flanders, Waylon Smithers, Dr. Hibbert, and Kent Brockman, among many others. We recently took some time to do a post-mortem on Shearer’s role on the show by sharing our favorite lines and moments involving the his most iconic characters.

While Simpsons fans never need an excuse to reminisce about their favorite jokes from the show, many of us used the announcement to come to terms with the fact that the series’ end isn’t as close as we thought. The show is currently on contract to last at least two more seasons. Shearer’s contract includes options for a 29th and 30th season. Given that the show has stayed on the air this long and Fox appears committed to keeping the team together, it wouldn’t be surprising to see it last three decades. Also, “30 years” sounds a lot sexier in a marketing campaign than “28 years.”

The 27th season will premiere, fittingly enough, on Sept. 27. There are currently seven episodes held over from last season that can be part of the upcoming campaign so Shearer’s absence from the show will be minimal.

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