‘No Sex Allowed’ and Other Bizarre State Laws

Most of the time law is far from funny, and while most legislations involve some serious stuff there are a few legal gems in the United States that are simply hilarious. While many were enforced because of past events and circumstances, it is without a doubt that most of these laws have no place in […]

5 Reasons HBO’s ‘Silicon Valley’ Didn’t Ring True

Silicon Valley just wrapped its debut season on HBO and despite an up-and-down inaugural season, the show has already been picked up for a second season. Looking back at the first season, there were moments I thought Silicon Valley was on its way to becoming an elite show, one worthy of a large cult audience […]

Silicon Valley’s New Wave Of Innovation Is Enabling Laziness

You know errands. You dread doing them. You make lists and goals of what you need to do and when you need do them by. When you do them efficiently, boy do you feel accomplished! A good parking spot, a string of green lights, and getting in and out of stores quickly is certainly a […]

CNBC’s The Profit Is An Entertaining Hot Mess That Makes Little Sense

CNBC is “The Fastest Growing Network On Cable In Prime Time.” I know this because they tell you every five minutes if you’re watching, and I am for the first time in my life, so I guess they’re just letting me know that indeed I’m not the only sucker who is now watching CNBC. I […]

True Detective Debut Was Damn Good And Unique Format May Keep It That Way

When it comes to television, movies, and life in general, I loathe having my time wasted. Given my cynical and skeptical nature, avoiding a frothy abundance of mostly average content is largely achieved by avoiding almost all new television shows. Basically, why go on a lot of first dates when the quality as a whole […]

The Wire Never Got To Thrive Like Breaking Bad

As Breaking Bad sprinted down the back stretch of its television run at a breakneck pace, one that would wow fans and critics alike, I noticed two interesting scenarios play out on the web and social media. 1- Many non Breaking Bad fans grew curious/thought it would be HILARIOUS to watch one episode out of […]

The Worst Season All Year- How Summer Lost Its Luster

Growing up what was your favorite day of the year? I'm guessing somewhere in your top five, the last day of the school year and official start of summer as a kid, had to be one that you counted down towards every year. Vacations! Camp! Amusement parks! Camping! The Beach! Sleepovers! Sleeping in! Parties! Less […]

Welcome To The AP Party

We'll do the formal about page at some point but ahead of that, a friendly hello for stopping by. What is this/ What Is an AP Party you ask? The AP Party is Bloguin's official pop culture blog that will spotlight some of the many talented writer across Bloguin. We aim to provide unique commentary […]