‘Justified’ series finale provides the perfect end

There’s always a bit of trepidation when a great show reaches its end point, a worry that somehow the finale won’t live up to expectations and the show’s entire run will be left tainted as a result. It’s happened before to great FX shows — Sons of Anarchy comes to mind — so when it […]

The five best dramas in FX history

The FX network has given us some of the best television around for a while now, and with two of their flagship dramas — Sons of Anarchy and Justified — ending their runs it got me to thinking: what are the best shows FX has ever produced? It could have been a long list, but […]

The best one-time characters in ‘Seinfeld’ history

Part of the genius of Seinfeld was the way it was able to weave so many memorable side characters in and out of each episode. Many of the so-called “minor” players the show created went on to be some of the best known characters in sitcom history. I mean, you have to know someone who […]

Please, please let Fox’s ‘Gotham’ be good

I am a Batman fan. Check that: I am a Batman freak. I was never much into comics when I was a kid, but there was something different about Batman. He was endlessly interesting, layered in ways the best literary characters were. Plus, he was just cool. So it probably goes without saying that I […]

The worst character on TV: Abby Donovan

Is there a worse character on TV right now than Ray Donovan matriarch Abby Donovan? No. No, there is not. The shrill, grating wife of the titular character is the worst part of Showtime’s otherwise solid show. Abby, as played by Paula Malcomson, seems to serve no purpose other than to complain about how much […]

Ranking the fake films of ‘Seinfeld’

It’s happened to all of us: You’re watching an episode of Seinfeld where they mention going to see a movie and you think to yourself, “Man, that sounds like something I’d actually want to see.” The fake movies in Seinfeld usually sound better than what’s actually playing in real theaters. But how would you rank […]