The Oscars should do a better job recognizing young actors (but only the good ones)

The Academy Awards ceremony takes forever. It always runs long. Awards bleed together, recipients are played off before their speeches are finished, and there are always about three pretentious montages too many. Having said all of that, here’s my proposal: The Oscars should add another award. They should add another award because as things stand, there’s […]

Sherlock recap: Was ‘The Final Problem’ both a season and series finale?

Well, that Sherlock finale was certainly something. But was it good? Let’s discuss. Sherlock’s season 4 finale (ominously bearing the title “The Final Problem,” a nod to the Arthur Conan Doyle tale that saw Sherlock Holmes’ original literary demise) wrapped the season up tightly, if not satisfactorily. Here’s what happened, and it’s fairly spoiler-ish from here on […]

Sherlock is back, and we have to talk about The Six Thatchers’ ending (SPOILERS)

Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman are back as Sherlock Holmes and Watson. Let’s talk about Sunday’s season four premiere, “The Six Thatchers.” “The Six Thatchers” served as the fourth season premiere of Sherlock. And my goodness, what a return to this particular world. So, there’s no real way to discuss the main developments of the episode without […]

Sherlock is back on Sunday! Here’s what to expect from season 4

 It’s been a lengthy hiatus for Sherlock, but the series proper returns this Sunday evening on PBS. Aside a fantastical one-off special last winter set mostly in the Victorian era, there have been no new episodes of Sherlock since January of 2014. That long wait is about to be over, so what should we expect? (Don’t say […]

Does Netflix’s binge model hurt its popularity more than help?

Being able to binge television shows is not as much of a modern convenience as you might think. Prior to widely available streaming services (Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, etc.), there was TiVo, introduced in 1999. That technology evolved rather quickly into widely-available DVR service. But prior to TiVo, even, television shows were available as box sets […]

Netflix’s Gilmore Girls revival is a lot of fun, despite a few slight missteps

When it comes to judging the success of revivals or reunions of dormant television shows, the litmus test is simple: Does it justify its existence? Not all of them do. (Sorry, Fuller House.) Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life does that, for sure. We’re better off having it. But Netflix’s Gilmore Girls revival does a lot more than […]

Larry Wilmore has a deal with ABC, but it’s not for a talk show

Larry Wilmore’s The Nightly Show was canceled earlier this year, having not found the audience Comedy Central was looking for in the time slot vacated by The Colbert Report. The comedian has been without a TV foothold in the aftermath, although he does serve as an executive producer for Black-ish, ABC’s Anthony Anderson sitcom. That relationship with ABC has […]

What in the world is happening in this incredibly dark Cars 3 trailer?

On Monday, the teaser for Cars 3 hit YouTube. Cars 2 was widely panned, and when Cars 3 was announced, people wondered why Pixar and Disney were bothering with it, as if Cars 2 hadn’t grossed $562 million. It was probably fair to expect that Cars 3 would continue with the silly-to-stupid aspects of the series that Cars 2 highlighted; namely, […]

3 reasons why Captain America: Civil War topped Batman v Superman

(Disclaimer: I will work to make this as spoiler-free as possible, but I have to cover general plot details and events, so if you haven’t seen Captain America: Civil War, I’d recommend you do that right away. It’s that good. If you haven’t seen Batman v Superman, there’s less of a need to do that.) Quick, […]