What’s coming & going on Netflix in February 2017

We’re hitting one of the most boring sports times of the year, with football officially over after the Super Bowl, MLB still two months from starting up, the NBA and NHL playoffs still two months away, golf and tennis majors multiple months away, March Madness (obviously) still a month away, etc. Well, good news for those of […]

Homeland season 6, episode 3 recap: The Covenant

Another episode of Homeland down, and another batch of depressing storylines furthered… The episode opens with Quinn dreaming about taking a shower, which leads into him reimagining his poisoning. He wakes up and tries to put the moves on Carrie, who rebuffs him and once again treats him like a child. Carrie’s dalliance with Saad […]

Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee recap: Lewis Black in a black Cadillac

Put Lewis Black in a black Cadillac and he’s bound to scream at other drivers. There was plenty of that — and more — in this week’s Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee. Black even goes as far as describing his act as “mildly psychotic.” At least he’s self-aware, because Black definitely lived up to that self-diagnosis […]

Taking a deeper dive into Split, its surprise ending and what it means

[link_box id=”36688″ site_id=”1″ layout=”link-box-third” alignment=”alignright”]The surprise at the end of Split excited some filmgoers while making others shrug. Is it really a big deal? While writing my review for M. Night Shyamalan’s latest film Split, I may have oversold the “big reveal” that occurs at the end of the film. (Technically, that surprise may not […]

Looking at 2017 Oscars’ Best Original Song shortlist and nominees

On Tuesday, the nominations for the 89th Academy Awards were announced via a global live stream. Among the 24 categories announced were the five nominees for Best Original Song. Nominees for Best Original Song must “consist of words and music, both of which were original and specifically written for the film.” Each year, the nominees […]

Split is mediocre fun as horror film, self-indulgent in big reveal

[link_box id=”36688″ site_id=”1″ layout=”link-box-third” alignment=”alignright”]M. Night Shyamalan hasn’t seemed like a director really worth following for the past 10 years. That’s presuming the general belief that Lady in the Water (2006) was his “jump the shark” moment as a filmmaker of consequence. If you think that The Village (2004) was Shyamalan’s last decent film, then it’s been even […]

Homeland season 6, episode 2 recap: The Man in the Basement

Homeland continued its sixth season and first primarily in New York City on Sunday with a stronger episode than the premiere, but still weak overall. The second episode of season six entitled “The Man in the Basement” revealed a lot about where season six will take us after a season premiere that didn’t really give viewers many […]

SNL recap: Aziz Ansari rips Trump, Putin stays shirtless, loving La La Land

In its first show since the Trump inauguration, Saturday Night Live with host Aziz Ansari take on the new administration. On Friday, WWE Hall of Famer Donald Trump held a sparsely attended presidential inauguration that is sure to usher in one to four years of angry tweets about Saturday Night Live. During the upcoming time […]