Adam Richman loses his mind and maybe his Travel Channel show

There are just some things you can’t say — or shouldn’t say — to people. That applies even more when you’re a celebrity or public figure. If comedian and TV host Adam Richman didn’t already know that, he may have learned his lesson after becoming unhinged while responding to commenters on Tuesday.

Richman posted photos on his Instagram account, showing the weight he had lost since hosting the Travel Channel’s Man vs. Food, with the hashtag #thinspiration. Several people took issue with the hashtag, as it’s popular among those with eating disorders. Richman seemingly lost his mind responding to these critics, telling people to “eat a bag of shit” and using a slur directed at females that I’m entirely certain I can’t use here.

Then there was this, the screen cap courtesy of Amber Sarah at xoJane. (And you should read her entire post.)

Screen Cap

Again, there are some things you just can’t or shouldn’t say to people. Telling someone to kill herself has to be at or near the top of the list. Richman is rightly proud of his weight loss and perhaps felt he was being trolled or that his story was being co-opted. But to respond like this is inexplicable.

Richman had a new series set to premiere Wednesday on the Travel Channel, called Man Finds Food. But no one may ever see it, because the network pulled the show from its schedule “indefinitely” after Richman’s remarks. What initially looked like a postponement may turn out to be a cancellation.

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