You can’t bring these on board: The TSA’s crazy Instagram feed

In a security climate when the size of a lotion or shampoo bottle is monitored closely by TSA screeners before getting on board a flight, it’s amazing what people still think they can bring with them aboard a commercial airplane these days.

Most people probably have a good idea of what sorts of items wouldn’t get through security. But judging from the TSA’s Instagram feed, there are still quite a few among us who think it’s no big deal to try and bring knives, guns, fireworks and Batarangs (really) with them on a flight.

The TSA has had its Instagram feed running for about a year now, as part of a social media initiative led by 12-year staffer Bob Burns. Burns looks over incident reports and when something catches his eye, he requests an accompanying photo from airports throughout the country.

The photos are pretty incredible, and the blurbs with each post (with a little bit of a finger wag over what’s prohibited from carry-on luggage) can be amusing. What’s not that amusing, however, is that there are people among us who think carrying a grenade or mortar — even if it’s not live — aboard a plane is all right.

[The Daily Beast, hat tip @MikeMcClary]

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