Eddie Murphy Was Asked To Perform On ‘SNL 40,’ According to Norm Macdonald

Wednesday evening, former Saturday Night Live cast member Norm Macdonald took to Twitter to discuss his time last week preparing for the SNL 40 anniversary special. The majority of his story involves the process he went through with writers Steve Higgins and Lori Jo Hoekstra in writing the “Celebrity Jeopardy!” sketch that aired during the show.

Macdonald revealed that Higgins had the idea to have Eddie Murphy appear as Bill Cosby during the Video Daily Double question.

The problem was that no one thought Murphy would want to do the sketch, so they contacted director Brett Ratner — who was apparently the middle man with Murphy and SNL.

By Saturday, the writers still did not know if Murphy would play Cosby during the sketch. After he arrived to the set on Saturday evening, they found out what many already suspected, Murphy would not be playing Cosby during “Celebrity Jeopardy!”

The part of Cosby was ultimately played by Kenan Thompson. Here is the full sketch from SNL 40:

Macdonald also took a swipe at Rob Sheffield, the Rolling Stone writer who ranked Macdonald 135 out of 141 SNL cast members:

Head to Macdonald’s Twitter feed for the full account of his week working on SNL 40.

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