Here’s how Allison Williams looks as Peter Pan

Did you want to see a picture of Allison Williams as Peter Pan today? Did you know Allison Williams — a co-star on HBO’s Girls and daughter of NBC chief news anchor Brian Williams — was playing the boy who never grows up for a live NBC show?

The network just released a photo of Williams in character, and it’s a bit of a different look from what we’ve typically seen.

In past stage and screen productions, Pan has often worn a tunic made of leaves and vines. And tights are usually somehow involved. But this outfit looks a bit more real. You might still look at someone funny if he or she was wearing this on the street, but it’s not a Halloween costume. Williams also revealed that she’s wearing a wig, despite tentatively offering to cut her long hair.

Like last year’s production of The Sound of Music, NBC will air Peter Pan as a live musical (based on the original 1954 Broadway show) on Dec. 4. Christopher Walken has been cast as Pan’s arch-nemesis, Captain Hook.