This bootleg DVD of ‘True Detective’ looks awesome!

The market for DVDs these days is pretty flat, but maybe that’s because of marketing. What if the big movie studios took a cue from those pedaling bootleg versions of these DVDs?

Take, for example, this bootleg of HBO’s True Detective. For those who watched the series, do you remember big explosions or the Eiffel Tower being in any scenes whatsoever? (Maybe those are deleted scenes on the Blu-ray.) What about Matthew McConaughey’s head on Brad Pitt’s body?

And as compelling as the series was, would you say it had “Amazing perform, full frontal action”? According to this bootleg cover, the answer is yes!


What is “full frontal action,” anyway? Or is it better that we don’t really know? I’m presuming that can be found on plenty of other bootleg DVDs.

[Jezebel, via Hitfix]

Ian Casselberry

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