Tim Hortons is rolling out a ‘Buffalo Crunch’ donut

If you’ve ever contemplated what combining the flavors of Buffalo sauce and a donut might taste like, Tim Hortons has just the thing for you.

State fairs are typically a breeding ground for all sorts of horrifying food hybrids, usually fried. So it shouldn’t be a surprise that Tim Hortons’ new “Buffalo Crunch” donut is being rolled out during the New York state fair.

Ain’t no thing but a chicken wing? Well, except there’s no chicken wing here.

What exactly does the “Buffalo Crunch” consist of? It’s a pull-apart ring of donuts covered in Buffalo hot sauce and crushed corn chips. There’s more hot sauce in the middle of the donut ring and two tortilla strips as a garnish. The donut comes in hot and mild varieties and is accompanied by Ranch dressing. All yours for two dollars.

With Tim Hortons being acquired by Burger King this week, are we looking at a future in which this Buffalo Crunch will be the bun of a Buffalo chicken sandwich? Will donut-bun burgers be soon to follow? What will become of this once-innocent Canadian donut shop franchise?


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