Tim Hortons paints it black to promote dark roast coffee

The market for retail coffee service among consumers is a fierce one, so bold moves often seem necessary to stand out from the competition.

As Canada’s largest fast food operator, Tim Hortons might not need to take drastic measures to attract people to their coffee, doughnuts and lunch menu. However, that didn’t stop the restaurant chain from trying something unusual to promote its new dark roast coffee, painting one of its Montreal locations completely black (also enveloping a bench, bicycle and Jeep outside the establishment in darkness).

And as you’ll see in the video below, this particular location also kept its customers — those bold enough to enter the restaurant — literally in the dark.

“Stick your hand out.” “Do I want to?” That is a smart question.

The customers who entered must have been coaxed in by filmmakers or marketers, right? I mean, if the place is completely dark inside, aren’t you probably leaving?

But maybe curiosity about a coffee shop painted completely black, making its windows opaque, was extremely powerful. Maybe a few of the customers hoped Tim Hortons had opened Montreal’s newest nightclub. Ultimately, it’s probably that Canadians are just too nice and polite to ask what the hell is going on.


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