Video: Brawl breaks out in Legends (Lingerie) Football League playoff game

It’s difficult to take the Legends (Lingerie) Football League all that seriously when players are outfitted in bikinis, shoulder pads and helmets. But maybe we should take the competition seriously.

The Atlanta Steam and Jacksonville Breeze certainly seemed to be playing for keeps during the LFL’s Eastern Conference Championship. After the game (which Atlanta won), a brawl broke out between the two teams and Steam head coach Dane Robinson was actually punched in the face. Check out the footage for yourself.

[Warning: This video isn’t safe for work with the profane language that gets thrown around between players during the game and amidst the melee.]

The argument could certainly be made that Robinson deserved a flag for taunting during the fight. But the guess here is that he didn’t expect to get popped in the face. His surprised expression certainly conveys that.

Interestingly, there were some pertinent thoughts on sportsmanship caught on mic after the brawl was broken up, with one Jacksonville player shouting at a teammate, “Why can’t you tell them ‘Good Game’?” She later chided a teammate for being a poor loser. “You have to shake hands after a game,” she yelled.

Atlanta will play the Chicago Bliss for the LFL Championship on Sept. 6 in Ontario, Calif. You can watch the game on YouTube.

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